Hello 👋🏼 I'm Sandhya, a Product designer
I'm presently working in Topcon Healthcare, Finland

About me

I graduated as an engineer and developed an interest in Product design. Guided by exceptional mentors, I transitioned from a backend developer to a UX designer. While largely self-taught, I'm committed to continuous unlearning and relearning to craft impactful user experiences. I am currently working as a UX designer for a Healthcare company in Finland. Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm also a travel enthusiast, amateur stylist, and Pinterest addict, among other things.

I have about 9 years of experience and here are a few of the roles I've taken on in my career,

  • Product Designer
  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Visual Designer
  • Interaction Designer



Hey, I'm working on adding a few projects here. So please check back in a week. Or, you can mail me at subramaniyansandhya@gmail.com so I can set up a call and share some of my projects with you.


Here are a few short reads I've written,

Visual design

Here are a few shots from my UI design projects,


Here are a few of my work for brands,


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Connect with me

Write an email to me subramaniyansandhya@gmail.com
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